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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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restricting access to the refuge and is working to end this nearly month-long standoff. agents now saying the eight arrests of people linked were the first steps to bring this occupation to a conclusion. >> krystal: so these protesters are blaming that law enforcement insta gateed the confrontation and the man that was killed that we just told you about had his hands on. the question is what's the next step and will this escalate? pat doris is at the scene with this report. >> reporter: it has been a tense and long night south and east of burns, oregon. protesters have moved a big frontend loader to block the road in case police try to storm the refuge. during the night a caravan of cars carrying women who had been at the refuge. apparently there had been a voterhe death of lavoy finicum and the arrest of the others. i talked with the defacto leader now, jason patrick, about his feelings of where things are going.
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>> when you say peaceful resolution then you kill one of my friends. then you say you can safely leave and yet you have arrested somebody who is not even here. what do you believe anymore? i believe in the constitution. that's why i'm still standing here. >> reporter: around three this morning we got notice the fbi and state police had started to shut down all the roads in the area. and they're not letting anyone in. anyone can leave. but if they leave they are identified and searched. then certainly not allowed back in. and one of the side effects here are the ranchers who are still trying to work in this area. it has some people very frustrated. >> i think it's going be ridiculous because i think it's going come to an end and it's not going to be nice. >> reporter: so the big question today is now what is the next move on behalf of the police? will they sit at the roadblocks and wait for people to leave until maybe there aren't any left? or will they take decisive action and move in? we'll be here behind the police
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near burns, oregon, pat doris, nbc news. >> michelle: so news 3 has headed out to bunkerville today in an effort to talk to cliven bundy, the father of ammon and ryan bundy. already the bundy family is saying the shooting was murder. cliven says he stands with his sons. this is the latest move in the family's on going dispute with federal authorities over access to public lands. the standoff with the bundy family a year ago in bunkerville ended with federal authorities backing down. we're going have continuing coverage this afr on news 3. i think it was a little more than a year ago. it was two years ago is when that happened there. in that case authorities stepped down. in this case as we know now things got heated and, unfortunately, somebody has died. >> krystal: back here locally. brought you this as breaking news on "wake up with the wagners" just a horrific crash. one person really at the wrong place at the wrong time after what police are calling a drunk driver ran through a red light. >> michelle: ate happened at rainbow and springs mountain at
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let's check in with news 3's craig fiegener. you have been there all morning long. we learned earlier during a press conference that this started with some sort of police chase. now we're hearing maybe they know n alcohol was involved? have you been able to get any confirmation on that? >> reporter: we haven't had confrontation pubically but they did say that that's certainly their suspicion.g e image behind me is disturbing when you consider the crash. the one person killed and the one umc and in very critical condition. likely not to survive we were told by metro. that yukon, a gmc, the denali edition, was reported stolen. this morning it was driven by a man that police say was likely not sober. a person they say they saw at an intersection at a green light.
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appeared unconscious. police blame this crash on a dui driver. a man they say was speeding east morning. investigators say he was behind the wheel of a gmc yukon when it blasted through a red light on rainbow boulev a woman who likely had no time to react. >> the driver of the nissan sentra that was on rain beau going southbound -- rainbow was killed by the collision. >> reporter: earlier this morning the investigation focused on what was left of the car and the truck and where the crash ended at a gas station. at 2:30 a.m. this morning, metro had the truck surrounded. they believe the driver was asleep or unconscious and stopped at a nearby green light. >> they placeds i ch a manner so the vehicle backwards. at that time the -- for whatever found out the po he put his vehicle in reverse.
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>> reporter: metro says officers didn't chase the driver after he rammed their cars but that he was followed by their chopper. they say he ran several red lights before the red light at rainbow boulevard. that's where a woman driving a sentra driving south had a green light. >> he was transported to umc trauma. we have secured a search warrant for his blood. but he is in life threatening condition. we're unsure if he is going to survive this collision. >> reporter: back here live. spring mountain road and rainbow, that is the victim's car. the wo sce. wh remains of it. then, of course, the gmc which is being towed. both cars being towed here from the scene. the investigation at least the investigation on the scene is complete right now. speaking of the injuries of the person who was driving the truck. he, we're told by police, was thrown from the truck. as you can see from what is left of it, his injuries will be
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even if he remained inside. we do not have an update on his condition. last we were told he was at umc treated there. early this morning not expected to survive. i'm craig fiegener reporting, news 3. >> michelle: we appreciate that. i remember when the first images started coming in into "wake up with the wagners" you had a pretty good impression somebody did not walk away from that. it sounds like this person was sleeping in his car according to the sergeant and when police went to investigate and probably whatever started the car and took off and rammed the police officers car. then just started running red lights. you know, it's just so into the conversation. driving wherever. maybe coming home from work or maybe going to work like we do at the time of day. >> kelly: krystal said you pass through that intersection. >> michelle: absolutely. >> krystal: that's the route i take to work sometimes. >> michelle: now her life is over because of this person's
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it's just infuriating. >> krystal: let's up people's spirit as little bit and look at the ts morning it was cold out there. we were dealing with very chilly temperatures. mid and upper 30s is what we saw forever forever night lows. here is a time-lapse from the morning hours. and more clouds will be building in as we get into the afternoon. now as far as the temperatures are concerned, much improved from this morning. right now pahrump at 58 degrees. primm, you are z it's 55 now. boulder city also 55. as lee ak what we're inspecting rest of the day. highs topping out in the low 60s before they start to take a dip as we get into the evening hours. upper 60s on the way. which we've been talking down coming up.
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thank you kelly. we appreciate it. also new at noon, bail set at $2 million for the man police say was waving an unloaded gun at tourists friday night outside of the bellagio. you can hear the gunshots going off while the fountain shot was going on. the incident led to a metro officer firing shots and injured a bystander. 20-year-old kalil black appearing at the regional justice center. of mental illness and suspected he was attempting suicide by cop. black was then arrested and the handgun recovered. as a result of the shooting a four-year-old boy received a minor grays wound to the leg and was treated at university medical center. another person was grazed but did not require medical attention. the animal shelter is working hard to save the lives of more dogs and cats in our community. >> michelle: that makes we happy. i hope this can happen. today rolling out plans to ensure all healthy and treatable
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community and not be euthanized. for more on this, let's bring in denise rosch live at the shelter near washington and mojave. workers there know this won't happen overnight. >> reporter: michelle and krystal, this initiative is called "mission possible 2020." that's the year when the shelter hopes to be saving all healthy, adoptable animals like my friend right here. this is mister. a five-year-old neutered male. he is very friendly. this light just scared him. he is very friendly and he desperately needs a home. one program being mentioned here today is community cats where feral felines are trapped, spayed, neutered and released. since june that program has saved 800 cats. another program? kept. that stands for keeping every pet and person together. offering owners services so they don't surrender a healthy
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again, this is a five-year plan. >> the reason it could possibly take that long is because we have a lot of ancommy last year over 30,000 animals came through our doors. and required our care. and while well over 60 percent made it out alive, we have a long way to go before we are successfully saving all healthy and treatable animals in our care and in our community. >> reporter: if you would like to come down t, adoptions are open until 7:00 p.m. this is another one of my new friends. this is jet. the shelter also has a new website so you can look on their website and see how they're doing with life saving efforts. and that is mission possible reporting live i'm denise rosch for news 3. back to you. >> michelle: i'm glad that you said that there. we'll put that on our website for anybody who d more information. >> krystal: looks like denise picked up a couple of new friends. >> michelle: i know this is something a lot of animal lovers
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really hoping for and i think it would be great. mission possible. not impossible. mission possible 2020. >> krystal: it is possible. we'll see how that shakes out. for many homeless people on the streets of las vegas, today there's an effort to give an answer to that difficult there. and based upon that information it can really e it needs to get more people off the street. >> michelle: plus concerns about fraud and identity theft
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the warning from wendy's for its . >> michelle: smel oh my gosh look at these pictures. a massive six alarm fire broke out overnight in downtown new orleans. this is video of when those flames were just raging. the fire des tried four story building where it started but also caused problems in nearby buildings. because you know how close together the build from spreading to other structures. there was just a little bit of damage. one person was in the building
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that person got out, escaped safely. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> krystal: that happenedt that's right off bourbon. so just to give you perspective. let's talk politics. donald trump says he is not going to participate in tomorrow night's republican presidential debate. this just days as we know before the iowa caucuses. it may have something to do with this. donald trump and megyn kelly. not getting along so well. trump says he is skipping thursday's debate because he thinks the fox moderator megyn kelly is unfair. trump has been in a feud with kelly since the first republican primary debate when she took trump to task over derogatory statements he made in the past aimed at women. meanwhile rival ted cruz has challenged trump to a one-on-one 90 minute debate. president obama and democratic candidate bernie sanders will go behind closed
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it was the first e and it may have already happened because it's in washington d.c. anyways, extended conversations wen the two have been swirling whether this would happen when sanders launched an ann expectedly strong challenge to hillary clinton for the nomination. he says he and president barack obama talked about -- so it did already happen. they talked about foreign policy, the economy and a little bit of politics. white house officials have stressed the inter was not an endorsement and that mr. obama is likely to remain formally neutral in the democratic presidential contest for at least until they have chosen a candidate. >> krystal: those caucuss around the corner. you have iowa monday. then new hampshire. the biggys that are coming up for both republican and democrats. so things are definitely heating up on the political front. and i guess that's a to what we have going on with weather. >> michelle: it is. because it was cold this morning, kelly. but you are saying we're in for a little warm up possibly later this week.
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big cool down too. a lot to talk about. i want to show you guys crazy video. florida. possibly even a tornado what's we're looking at here. aerial video shows trees down, a semi-truck on its side and one car on top of winds were so strong the car was apparently tossed across the highway. it was originally in the lanes. and this devastating storm. looks like it definitely snarled traffic for awhile. here at home things looking much more quiet. in fact here is a live look outside as we are taking a look at our mostly sunny skies that we have across the area. on the southeast career and technical academy camera. we do have more cloud cover. more high thin clouds. those are going to be moving in during the afternoon hours. we've had a lot of sunshine this morning. again, wave of clouds that will
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here's the temperatures as you are looking outside right now. isn't this crazy compared to what we were this morning? we were mid and upper 30s. now downtown is 58 degrees. henderson 58 as we not goi to need the hat and gloves, the coat that you left the house in. here is a look at the saddletellite radar. we were talking about clear skies overnight. clear skies during the morning. but this large area of clouds tracking eastward. we are guy going to see high thin clouds that filter in sunshine later this afternoon. a lot of sunshine. still overall a nice day. we're expected to stay dry throughout the workweek. high temperatures today. we're starting to get above normal again. pahrump 63 degrees the expected high today. overton 62. over night tonight it will be chilly but not quite as chilly as last night. so lows tonight pahrump 34. boulder city 41.
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mostly sunny skies. light variable winds. overnight tonight lows dropping to 42. mostly clear conditions. our 7-day forecast. check this out. mostly sunny skies for the rest of the week. 64 tomorrow. 67 on friday. 68 saturday. make your plans to get outside and enjoy it and take advantage of it. beg sto sysm moving in sunday into monday. we're talking wet weather, valley rain. mountain snow. windy conditions and look at the change in temperatures. from saturday 68 to tuesday an 18 degree drop. >> michelle: i'm very excited it is. it starts to warm up then you know what's coming. i'm enjoying the cool weather. >> krystal: there's nothing wrong with that.
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>> working on for "news 3 live at 3." the oft of exclud persons is better known as the black book for most of us. tom hawley takes us back to the 1960 beginnings and the courtroom battles that followed. this is the video vault. awesome. it's all about casinos back in the day you know. plus a bandit caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of medication. but it is what he didn't steal that is raising eyebrows. those stories and more coming up on "news 3 live at 3." and this next story has krystal bummed. >> krystal: if any of you are like me and like to go by wendy's, here's the deal. wendy's says it's investigating reports of unusual activity on payment cards used at some of its restaurants.
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channels on any card at its locations. wendy's has launched an investigation with help from cyber security experts and it is cooperating with law enforcement officials. s als a good idea just to stay on top of your credit card statements, your debit cards, just to see what's going. a e w folks will do is do a small charge then the big charge where they really slam you. >> michelle: right. >> krystal: so still ahead, an expectant mother takes on mother nature's wrath. so she puts matters into her own hands. she had a baby on the way. and that baby, let me tell you
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doesn't matter if it was snowing >> krystal: this is a day ta make mes smile. today is my excuse to eat chocolate cake. you know what? it is national chocolate cake day. while there's no official celebration social media is abuzz about it. there are countless recipes for the timeless treat. so go find one.
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or if you are like me go to your local bakery a it. let them do the work. >> michelle: i don't need a national day to enjoy cake. >> krystal: i can enjoy any day i want to. i'll pay for it at the gym but that's all right. >> kelly: it is a nice day to work yout outside. eat your cake and go for a walk. >> michelle: you can have your cake and -- what is that. >> krystal: have your cake and eat it too. >> kelly: you can eat cake and have good weather too. >> krystal: that's a new one. that works. >> michelle: all kinds of stories coming out massive blizzard that hit the east coast. how about this one? a mother who had to deliver wn son. and she did it by herself. oh my goodness this is little brantley. and his mommy mariah was headed to the hospital. usually just takes 15 minutes but, of course, with the snow covered roads it wasn't clear. and she didn't t goin make it. boy was she right.
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had to have the baby on her own. he was only four pounds eight ounces. re tiny. he and mama are both doing perfect. >> krystal: can you imagine? >> no! >> krystal: i was like you have been there. >> michelle: i cannot imagine. >> tt means she didn't have -- >> krystal: no pain killers. we're so glad he had a healthy baby. >> michelle: volunteers hit the street to count the homeless.
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>> michelle: right now on news 3 "news 3 live at 12:30." helping the homeless. we're going tell you about a major effort wrapping up this morning. how they're hoping to help vulnerable people in our communities. >> krystal: caught in the act. chilling video showing one family's home broken into and ransacked. how you can help catch criminals. >> michelle: the fight against breast cancer. what you need to know about the latest technology geared to help this effort. we have somebody live in studio to talk about this today. "news 3 live at 12:30" starts now. good afternoon everybody. thank you for joining us. as you were sleeping, hundreds of locals hit the streets to count the homeless which you would think sounds like something really hard to do but they do a pretty good job of it.
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they spend all night doing this.
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